Our menu suggestions

for 15 persons and more, valid from Jan 1 to Nov 28, 2019

Our menus already include home-baked pretzels and butter, available on the tables.

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€ 7.90

The Rösleins Gaudi-Brettla

with red and white radish, (according to season), Franconian Ziebeleskäs (special Franconian cottage cream cheese with onions and fresh herbs) and hot, smoked Nuremberg sausages, served with homemade pretzels and savory, crusty bread
€ 20.90

Menu 1

Franconian ox broth with semolina dumplings and fresh parsley

* * *

A mix of veal and pork roast mixed with a rich and spicy Frankenriesling cream sauce, served with two small dumplings and mixed variety of seasonal vegetables

* * *

Baked apple rings Franconian style, rolled in cinnamon and sugar, served with creamy vanilla ice cream, sweet cream and fresh pepper peppermint
€ 22.90

Menu 2

The Nuremberg market women's soup with semolina dumplings, pancake strips and Swabian ravioli

* * *

Crispy Frankish knuckle seasoned with pepper, fresh from the oven with dark Tucher beer sauce, cabbage salad and bread dumplings

* * *

Franconian tidbit cream with brittle and egg liqueur cream
€ 23.90

Menu 3

Franconian winegrower soup with grapes and butter croutons

* * *

The Röslein Schäuferle, fresh from the oven, with a crispy crust, served with sauerkraut and potato dumpling

* * *

The Röslein homemade chocolate cake in a jar with vanilla sauce
€ 29.90

Menu 4

Tucher beer brewer soup with marjoram and butter croutons

* * *

Ragout from the Steigerwald fawn in juniper-cranberry sauce with baby Williams pear and fresh egg noodles

* * *

The Röslein Kaiserschmarrn (light, caramelized pancake split into pieces) with Rum raisins, icing sugar and stewed apples
€ 31.90

Menu 5

Velvety carrot-orange soup with butter crusts

* * *

Pike perch fillet fried with almond butter, served with a mixed variety of seasonal vegetables from Franconia, herb potatoes

* * *

Franconian apple strudel on elderberry sauce with fresh peppermint
€ 32.90

Menu 6

2 Franconian "Blue Zipfel" sausages in white wine vinegar stock, with onions and savory farmhouse bread

* * *

Strips from the turkey breast with forest mushrooms in cream sauce, served with potato fritters and corn salad

* * *

Homemade poppy parfait with orange fillets
€ 48.90

Menu 7

Freshly harvested corn salad with light balsamic dressing, served with smoked Norwegian salmon and roasted pine nuts

* * *

Cream soup of Bamberger croissant with truffle cream

* * *

Franconian wild boar leg with wild mushroom sauce, served with potato and pumpkin puree and glazed sugar peas

* * *

Franconian red wine cream with mango sauce

We naturally also offer your guests a vegetarian main course as well.

These are just some of our suggestions.

We do not recommend any changes in the courses as all ingredients are harmonized with one another.

Please feel free to express your own wishes or ideas, we will be glad to realize them for you.

There's no limit to your creativity...!


Der besondere Abschluss nach einem Menü:

Röslein´s Käsebrett / Käsebuffet

€ 8,90

angegebener Preis pro Person

oder nach Absprache und individueller Zusammenstellung.

Ab 30 Personen:

Röslein´s Illuminiertes Eisbuffet
Ein kunstvoll zubereitetes Eisbuffet mit verschiedenen Gourmet-Eissorten und Obst
Präsentiert von unseren Köchen
Eine tolle Überraschung mit Showeffekt und ein Genuss für Ihre Gäste

€ 9,90

angegebener Preis pro Person