BraWuRös // The Bratwurst-Röslein Party and Catering Service

Though sausages have been the focus here for centuries, you may still expect more a lot more from our BraWuRös party and catering service than traditional Franconian cuisine:

BraWuRös - CateringWhether an exotic Asia buffet, a culinary journey around the world, light and enjoyable conference accompaniment, fine fish dishes or modified regional specialties such as the carpaccio from Franconian pasture-fed oxen on balsamic vinegar or cherry tomatoes with freshly grated Grana Padano, you will always find first-class products, professional chefs as well as friendly and circumspect service personnel.

And of course the personal service provided by the brilliant catering management on site is always guaranteed.

On request, BraWuRös will also take care of the culinary delights in addition to the treats for the palate - including eye candy and ear candy in the form of stylish decoration, music and live acts, so that the only thing you need to do is sit down at the well-laid table and enjoy the evening with your guests.

Some of our reference customers include: Ministry of Home Affairs, Funkhaus Nürnberg, BMW Nuremberg branch, Hypovereinsbank, KarstadtQuelle Versicherungen, the Media Academy of ARD and ZDF, Siemens, Nuremberg Airport, Juwelier Kuhnle or Paramount Pictures.

We are looking forward to seeing you!


Excerpt from our catering offer:

Fillet of pork with veal liver pâté and fruit garnish

Franconian trout fillet with creamy apple horseradish

Roast beef rolls filled with Waldorf salad

Chicken salad with curry and ginger

Boiled beef aspic with shallots vinaigrette

Smoked graved salmon on crispy potato fritters, filled with leek salad

Rare roasted saddle of veal with tuna sauce

Potato soup from Bamberg croissant with truffle cream

Creamy pumpkin soup with Styrian seed oil, chili threads and cream

Creamy leek soup with salmon rolls

Parsley root soup with chanterelles

Creamy soup of chanterelles with cream topping and herb croutons

Carrot-ginger soup

Double beef bouillon with homemade marrow dumplings and chives

Rare roast beef with two kinds of butter, baked potato and sour cream

Monkfish medallions in Dijon mustard sauce with dill potatoes

Braised beef with porcini mushrooms, served with pretzel dumplings

Wild boar sausages in Bavarian cabbage with truffled, mashed potatoes

Rare roast fillet of beef with herb crust, bacon bean bunches and carrots

Roasted poulard breast in chanterelles cream with tagliatelle

Filet of pike-perch, served with potatoes tossed in almond and herb butter and vegetable bouquet

Two kinds of mousse au chocolat with whipped cream and almond biscuits

Pina Colada in glass

Chocolate cake with kumquat ragout

Fresh red-fruit dessert in a glass with bourbon vanilla

Strawberry cream tartlet on dark chocolate sauce